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Dim Sum Sam

Baked with Natural Ingredients

Authentic Handmade Dim Sum

At Dim Sum Sam, we pride ourselves on offering a truly authentic Cantonese dim sum experience. Our skilled chefs handcraft each piece with precision and care, using time-honored techniques to ensure the perfect texture and flavor in every bite.

Fresh and Made-to-Order

We believe that the best dim sum should be enjoyed fresh and hot. That’s why at Dim Sum Sam, we prepare each dish to order, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality and most flavorful dim sum possible.

Dim Sum Sam‘s chef aims to bring out or highlight the original flavor of the vegetable, meat, or fruit.

Perfectly Balanced Flavors

Our talented culinary team meticulously crafts each recipe to ensure that every dim sum is seasoned to perfection. 

Health-Conscious Choices

At Dim Sum Sam, we understand the importance of eating well. That’s why we’ve created a menu featuring many low-sugar and low-fat options.

A Taste of Tradition

Join us at Dim Sum Sam and embark on a culinary journey through the rich history of Cantonese cuisine.

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Crispy Pork Belly
Beef Tripes with Peanut
BBQ Roast Pork Over Rice
Shrimp & Pork Wonton Soup (5pcs)
Two Combo Over Rice

Our Customer Reviews

1 Review
a week ago
As a first-time dim sum eater, I was really impressed by the Crispy BBQ roasted pork buns at Dim Sum Sam. The buns were so soft and fresh, and the pork was juicy and full of taste. This great experience made me excited to try more of their delicious dim sum dishes.
2 Reviews
2 weeks ago
The Portuguese egg tarts at Dim Sum Sam are simply divine! The creamy and rich custard filling truly stands out, offering a heavenly melt-in-your-mouth experience. Paired with a perfectly flaky crust, these egg tarts are an absolute must-try for anyone seeking a delectable treat.
1 Review
3 weeks ago
I had an amazing time at Dim Sum Sam! The soft and fresh BBQ roasted pork buns, along with the creamy and flaky Portuguese egg tarts, truly made my dining experience unforgettable. As a customer, I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for delicious and authentic Cantonese cuisine.
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240W 40th ST. New York, 10018

Finest Cantonese Cuisine

At Dim Sum Sam, our bamboo baskets emerge from the kitchen steaming hot, brimming with delectable dumplings and an array of mouthwatering Cantonese dishes. Join us to savor the most authentic and exquisite Cantonese cuisine.

Irresistible Flavor

Our dim sum at Dim Sum Sam is simply irresistible. Each and every bite is enjoyed by our guests, thanks to the ultra-thin and delicate wrappers that melt in their mouths, revealing the scrumptious fillings within.

Exceptional Service

Our attentive staff at Dim Sum Sam is always ready to accommodate even the smallest requests, ensuring a swift and satisfying dining experience, often completing orders in under 15 minutes.

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